New, used and regenerative industrial equipment.


Production of the evaporators with ventilated cold and melted water branch pipe.
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Assembling of the various refrigeration units based on УBitzerФ and УCopelandФ compressors
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There is a great difference in the prices of the refrigeration units, but the service guarantee is unchangeable Ц 1 year.

We provide the major repairs of the German and Italian industrial refrigeration compressors: УCopelandФ , УBitzerФ, УDorinФ, УFrascoldФ and УPrestcoldФ.

  • A wide range of the spare parts is available in storage.

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  • We sell the spare parts of the compressors by set as well as by retail (including discharge and suction valve reed, piston rings etc.).
  • Re-winding of compressorТs electric windings with the use of the stable freon oil materials (winding wire) and the varnish sustainable sea water.
  • Condensers to the ice-cream delivering motor vehicles.
We perform installation work; provide guarantee and post-guarantee servicing according to the agreement.

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