Private company УStryi-HolodФ is a refrigeration company of the western part of Ukraine that is engaged in the assembling and maintenance of the industrial refrigeration equipment for more than 15 years.

We offer new, used and regenerative industrial refrigeration equipment.

We assemble the various refrigeration units and make the regeneration of the used refrigeration equipment.

Major repairs of the German and Italian industrial refrigeration compressors: УCopelandФ , УBitzerФ, УDorinФ, УFrascoldФ and УPrestcoldФ.

Х A wide range of the spare parts is available in storage.

Х We sell the spare parts of the compressors by set as well as by retail (including discharge and suction valve reed, piston rings etc.)

Х Production of the evaporators with ventilated cold and melted water branch pipe.

Х Re-winding of compressorТs electric windings with the use of the stable freon oil materials (winding wire) and the varnish sustainable sea water.

Х Condensers to the ice-cream delivering motor vehicles.

We perform installation work; provide guarantee and post-guarantee servicing according to the agreement.

Service guarantee on the refrigeration equipment of our production is 1 year.


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